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Creation Myth - Part Two







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The Human Tragedy



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The story continues with the emergence of humans on Earth, their rise to the heights of wisdom and their catastrophic demise.  Along the way, we'll learn a about the multi-layered anatomy of human mind.


The Human Tragedy 


When humans first appeared
among the creatures of this Earth,
there was no dramatic change.

To the world around them.
they were just another living being
in a world full of life -
even though internally,
they were very different.

To their non-human parents,
nothing was immediately evident,
because their offspring were always slow to mature;
and in this, the new humans were no different.

Those first human babies
were protected and cared for in every way
by their non-human parents –
nothing was lacking.

And to the developing infants,
their emerging ability
to reflect and gather ideas
could not yet consider
that their non-human parents
were unable to do the same.


Before we go further,
the spiritual anatomy of our person
should be explored.

By understanding our composition,
the process of creation
will be more clear.

But also, it’s the only way to get an idea
of what’s about to happen next,
and why mankind moved
through its different stages.

We know that
the material human body
is a very complex
and fascinating organism.

But there are other layers
besides just the material
which are, in fact,
more substantial.

As spoken of before,
the material world exists
from the spiritual world,
as in cause and effect.

And the flow of life into us
travels the same course.

Our material body
is the result of something spiritual –
not the other way around.

It is the shell for our living spirit.

Nothing in this material world makes us alive.

Although the material sun
is the center of our life
and without it we would die,
this is only fire.

Fire cannot give life
and it most definitely
does not keep our hearts beating,
or our breath active during sleep
or our cells renewing.

So let’s look at our beginning -
the seed of our life.

It all begins with soul.
Life is soul – soul is life.

Soul is that       
from which another thing exists.

Our soul is the seat of our existence;
our inmost person –
fueled directly by the Creator.

In fact, the Creator
is Very Soul –
the One and Only Infinite Soul;
the Source of Life - Life Itself;
the only living being that lives from Itself.

All finite souls
are part of this Infinite Soul.
They are receptacles of life -
receiving love, wisdom and life
from the Creator’s
Love, Wisdom and Life.

The operation of our soul is hidden from us
because if we were aware of life streaming into us
we would eventually feel like a machine
being driven and controlled
by an outside force.

Not even the highest angels
are aware of this operation.

This is our life giving organ.
It is supplied to all humans
regardless of who they are.

And this Infinite Soul is fully Infinite
and can never be divided.
This is very important to understand.

A person can’t say,
“here is a piece of Infinity
and over here is a different piece”.

Although one could say
“here is an operation of Infinity
and over hear is a different operation”.

And it can therefore be said that each of us
is receiving the complete
Infinite attention of God
… at all times.

So as Life streams out from our Creator,
it is the same Infinity in all directions -
filling all of Creation.

The variety in the universe
comes from the various forms
into which this Infinite Life flows
and operates.

And the form of the recipient
is determined by its function –
or operation -
which is the purpose
of its existence.

Our soul is not just air or ether,
or a spark lacking definition,
but has a specific form -
the human form.

The form of our soul is human
because the Soul of God is Human.

The human form also comes from our function,
since function determines form.

But more specifically,
it is our combined affections
that make our form into the human form -
our uniquely human affections.

This is what makes up
every human’s core.

And what makes humans different -
one being good and another bad,
one honest and another deceptive -
is the quality of their form
determined by their freewill.

Humans receive the human composition
as an image of God –
soul, outward presentation
and activity or endeavor.

We also have
an exclusive connection with God -
since our mind and will
is capable of spiritual love.

Because of this fortunate relationship,
our soul is unlike all other souls in creation,
and is immortal.

Some would think that animals and humans
exist on the same level,
but although animals and plants do have souls –
because they are living and growing –
both are effects from completely different causes.

A better understanding
into the source of each type of soul
will make this clear.

But more on that later.

Even though all finite souls
are from God,
connected to God
and are in fact God in us,
we have been given this feeling
that we are in charge of ourselves.

We tend to believe -
because it feels this way -
that we are individual life units
who have self-generating power.

And if we do consider our soul,
we feel that this and our body
make up an autonomous unit -
independent, self-directed
and separate from everything.

And to consider that
anyone other than ourselves
is controlling our inmost person
would be an affront to our very nature.

This feeling of independence is important,
because although we are connected to
and part of the Creator,
we have to have ownership of our soul.
This gives us our self-awareness
and very life.

However, we are not autonomous
but are connected
in unimaginable ways.

The essence of life comes from our soul;
but our soul receives life
from the Divine Soul.

To explain this in another way,
consider this:
it is a truth which is proven
by everything that exists,
that what is posterior
does not act from itself,
but from what is prior -
from which it proceeds.
Neither does this act from itself,
but from something still prior;
and thus that nothing acts
except from the First
which alone acts from Itself -
this being God,
the Only One who acts
directly from Self.

And this First
is not capable of being created –
being Infinite -
but is eminently capable
of flowing into forms
organically adapted to its reception.

If the spark of life in humans were their own,
and not of God in them,
there would be no common good,
no order in the world,
and no order in the spiritual world -
and consequently no life
after the death of the body.

The soul flows into the human mind,
which is our spirit,
and through this into the material body.

It carries life with it,
which it continually receives from the Creator;
and thus transfers it mediately into the body,
making the body as it were alive.

And since the soul’s form is human,
the spirit and body also become human.

In fact, the soul has everything
that our proceeding spirit and body contains –
just like a seed.

But our soul doesn’t just start life like a seed
and then fall away. 

It is our life – constantly feeding
our associated spirit and body
with life giving energy
and the feeling that life is our own
through self-awareness.

We could say that life
is self-awareness
since even the beasts
have a basic self-awareness.

But with humans,
life also includes a will that is free
and the reflective mind.
This is the inner person
that animals don’t have.

All this being said,
if we were to define
the very core of our soul
and determine what drives it
and causes it to act,
the answer would be love.

Love comes first and
all else comes from that.
We talk about love by itself
or affections,
but this automatically includes
understanding and thoughts
since all understanding and thoughts
come from associated love and affections -
and all actions come from
both in sequence.

So in reality,
love is soul and soul is love.

As for our material body,
it is only the vessel
that the spiritual body uses
while in the world.

It is our spirit that actually lives,
while our body
acts like an inanimate casing
that falls off
when our time here is done.

All of the material mineral kingdom
is made up of non-living matter. 

But this dead material can be gathered
and assembled into a form
so that life – which is spiritual –
can fill it and live in this world.

Material plants, animals and humans
are all made of dead matter
but are made living through their spirit
which is definitely not material.

Our actual sight, taste, touch
smell and hearing
are all functions of the spirit.

The material eyes of our body
serve only as receptors for our sight.
The actual sight
occurs in our spirit.

Likewise with hearing,
and so on.

Each aspect of our material body
has a related spiritual aspect
that is the cause of our
material operations.

Our material brain does not think for us
nor does it store memories.
It serves as a receptor for influx
and merely reflects the operation
of our spiritual mind.

But here’s a secret:
The form and order of the material brain
is important.
If the organic order is damaged,
the influx is affected accordingly.
And so on with the rest of the body.

The Divine doesn’t fill just anything.
The form that it enters must be adapted
to receive influx in a corresponding way.
It must have its own specific order.
How the details of the form is arranged
determines how the influx will be received.

[We’re going to try to give some visuals
to help us picture some of these ideas.
Nothing elaborate,
just some simple scratches in the sand
intended to feed your own ideas.

Also notice that terminology is relative
and may be hard to line up
because subjects can go by various names.

However, terminology isn't the point of this story -
that's just the material definitions
which offers several different types of presentation.
The point here is that there are two worlds...
...and so much more to discover.]

Let’s see if we can sketch
a simple picture of a person.

We’ll call these different people in us,
but in reality, they are different operations.
Sometimes it’s easier to understand
separate operations
by personalizing.

Imagine a glowing human figure
standing in front of you.

This is our first person - our soul.
Because of this,
the figure should reflect the glow of life
that is constantly fed into it from God.

You could see the human features,
but the glow is too strong
to get clear definition.

Next, picture a second person
of similar shape, slightly larger,
who completely envelopes the first.

The first person
isn’t just inside the second person,
but is within them in all aspects –
because the second person
is actually made from the first
and grows out from it
in all detail.

This second figure has the clear definition
of someone who lives on Earth.

However, this second person
isn’t made from matter.
They are made from the same spiritual substance
talked about earlier in the story.
This is our spiritual body.

It looks like a material body
but is more perfect and substantial.

And inside this second person,
the soul continuously glows.

The first and second person
are not two different people,
but are one unit with two different operations –
one person.

Now, place a casing
around the second person
made from elements of the material world. 

Not just outside the body,
but outside all aspects -
because it too grows
from the inside person
and is made living through the soul.

This third person is our material body –
what we see in the mirror
and what the doctor sees
if we’re cut open.

This is our basic layered form -
material throughout;
spiritual within;
and soul at the core.

When we die,
only the outer layer disappears
and all that is associated
with the corporeal senses.

The rest remains into eternity.

The drawing on the left shows the human composition from our perspective – where the material body is solid and the spiritual body and soul are not visible.  However, in reality, our material body is temporary and our spirit is the center of activity as shown in the drawing on the right.  But any way we look at it, the human person on earth consists of a soul, spiritual body and material body.

Humans also have a mind
that is segmented into
different and distinct operations.

And because they are distinct,
we often refer to them as different minds
or even different people.

These are:
the sensual (sentient),
the natural (material),
the rational (reflective) and
the spiritual (heavenly).

And for us, the spiritual mind
is so discretely different,
it is in fact completely
separate from all the others.

So in actual construct,
people today have two minds:
one that receives its influx
from the material world;
and another higher mind
that is the domain of the Creator.

And being that a mind is
both affection and thought,
people also have two different levels
of affection and thought.

Now, the natural mind is “our” mind
and is intended to be
the final limit of order,
within which spiritual and celestial things
can be gently terminated
and rest where genuine goods and truths
are present.

The natural mind steers the ship,
so to speak.
It is “who we are”.

The rational mind has no effect
if the natural mind is not willing
to be arranged in order.

Neither is the spiritual mind opened
until the natural mind agrees.

For this purpose,
this natural mind has been divided.

There is an inner natural
that communicates with the rational
and into which the rational flows,
and an outer natural
that communicates with the senses,
or through them with the world,
thus into which the material world flows.

These divisions in the natural mind
often oppose each other,
due to the source of their influence,
causing our natural mind
to be our main battle ground
as it were -
but more on this later.

After we’re born,
the sensual mind is opened first;
followed by the natural mind.

And, as we study
to become intelligent,
the rational mind opens;
and, as we study
to become wise
the spiritual mind.

And after we grow to be wise,
the spiritual mind
becomes with us as the head,
and the natural mind as the body,
to which the rational mind
serves for conjunction,
as the neck to the head,
and then the sensual mind
is like the sole of the foot. 

All these minds with infants
are so disposed by the Creator,
that they may be opened.
And all of these minds,
in their right order,
are essential to be human.

The only thing
that can pervert this process
is a person's own freewill.

However, the mind of the early humans
was born directly into this order
with no need to be divided,
as we’ll hear later.

Our different minds
are also on different levels
of integrity and love,
and because of this
they can also be called the
external, exterior, interior
and internal operations in us.

Each have their place in order
and each have specific functions.

The external or sentient mind
is the material operation
associated solely with the material world.

The exterior operation
is the natural mind
that is at the center
of our “self”.

The natural mind is divided
because one part is a
temporary connection
to the material world –
and, after completing its mission,
will fall off and die.

The inner natural mind
will still remain
because it has stored up
all our experiences -
less the material aspects.

The interior operation
is our rational mind
that bridges between
the spiritual and natural minds.

It has two levels –
the lower is open to all
and provides a path
for the Creator
to bring basic order to the natural mind.

The higher level remains closed
until the natural mind becomes reordered.

And deep inside us
is the internal operation -
our spiritual mind –
and the dominion of God.

By means of the natural mind
a person is in the world
and is a world in its least form
because this is where we live.

By means of the spiritual mind
a person is in heaven
and is a heaven in its least form.

All this activity
is within each of us!

But before we think
that the complexity of our mind
is a good thing,
you need to know that all these layers
are an indication of just how far away
the human mind is from the spiritual state.

Each of these layers and operations
were added to accommodate humanity
as it willingly moved further toward
material affections and thoughts.

As we’ll hear shortly,
the mind of early humans
was much simpler, more pure
and wiser than we can image.

The outer natural mind,
is the repository of our memory
and sentient experiences.
It has within it all facts,
and so also processes all information. 

To it belongs all the expressions
of earthly languages, also
all the objects of the external senses,
as well as all facts about the world.

It also has the whole faculty
of imagination,
and all the material affections
which man has in common with animals.

And also, all evils and falsities,
both engendered and acquired,
have their seat in this mind.

Evils and the consequent
false justifications
reside in the natural mind,
because that mind,
in form or image,
is a material world,
while the higher spiritual mind,
in form or image,
is a spiritual heaven;
and in heaven
evil cannot be entertained.

To the inner natural mind
belong the ideas of interior sight,
and all rational things
from whose ideas
thought itself is formed.

The ideas which comprise thought
and belong to the inner memory
flow into the contents
of the outer memory
as their own vessels
and are joined together with them there.

For instance, we cannot have an idea
of what a new recipe tastes like
until we know it’s ingredients
and remember what similar ingredients taste like.

The inner mind can pull this information
out of our outer memory
and form the conclusion:
this should taste good.

The inner memory
is immensely superior to the outer,
as several thousands are to one,
or as light is to darkness;
for thousands of ideas
belonging to the inner memory
flow into just one
belonging to the outer memory
where they manifest something
general and obscure:
like “this should taste good”.

Without knowing it,
the ideas and the ends in view
belonging to all the things
which a person sees and hears -
and for which he feels an affection -
are implanted in his interior memory,
and there they remain
without anything being lost,
even if they are erased
from their outer memory.

The inner memory is such
that it has written into it every detail,
indeed every smallest detail,
which the person has ever
thought, said, or done,
including those things
which appeared to him in shadow,
even the tiniest.

It not only retains every single thing
that a person has ever seen and heard
since early childhood,
and what they have thought, said, and done;
but it will also go on to retain
the things that they see, hear,
think, say, and do
in the next life.

The rational operation
is inside this natural mind.

It acts as a gateway between
the higher spiritual and natural minds.

The rational mind has everything
belonging to the interior memory
because it feeds into this memory.

It also has within it
the power of thought,
which is a perceptivity
of what is fair and righteous,
as well as of what is true and good.

You’ll hear reference to good and truth:
by truth is meant
the reasons to do spiritual good
and by good is meant
acting from a spiritual truth.

[Note: to do good
from a wrong reason
(a false justification)
is not from spiritual good,
but is from a self-serving motive –
making it not good.]

This also applies to charity and faith:
faith is the description of charity
and charity is faith in act.

And at a higher level,
this also applies to
love and understanding.

In addition, the rational operation
has all the spiritual affections
which are strictly human
and which mark us off from animals.

This mind’s primary purpose
is to translate the ideas
of the spiritual world
into expressions or characterizations
suitable for the material world.

Ideas are from the rational
and expressions from the natural.

It flows into the inner natural mind
and activates the knowledges that are there,
reorders them with a certain vision,
and in this way
forms judgments and conclusions
into ideas.

The natural and rational minds
are distinct and separate
with the natural existing
on a level below the latter,
and in a sense
acting independently.
The fact that these two minds
are distinct and separate
is quite evident from these considerations:

that a person can put on a pretense,
or play the part of a toady, hypocrite or actor;
they can assent to another's statements,
while yet laughing at them internally.

In fact, it is believed to be of civil prudence
to speak, to act, and also
to express with the face,
something other
than what one thinks and intends.
But the first humans
did not have this divided mind –
and found it to be enormously wicked.

At the highest level
is the spiritual mind
which is in fact the human mind
because a person is not a genuine human
until they have become spiritual.

What is meant by spiritual
in reference to the mind
is the affections of love.

And since what is spiritual
belongs to the Creator,
truly spiritual love
is that love which binds us all together.
and what we would call heavenly love.

All people are born with this spiritual mind
and it is because of this mind
that we live after the death of our body.

And we are discriminated from the animals
by possessing a spiritual mind.

Although we possess it,
this mind is not opened from birth
but is only in the potentiality
of being opened.

It is preserved in its integrity by the Creator
so that people may become truly human;
for we are in fact
born an unspiritual animal,
but become a spiritual human
through the learning process of life –
but more specifically,
by spiritual reformation.

In order for the spiritual mind,
to be opened and allow influx
down into the natural mind,
the natural mind must first be prepared
and the rational mind cultivated.

The rational mind must have a storehouse
from which it may draw its supplies.

This storehouse is in
the memory of the natural mind,
in which everything knowable
can be stored up
and can be drawn forth.

In the mind that is being developed
for spiritual life,
the necessary supplies
that the rational mind can begin to cultivate
are true facts
regarding civil and moral conduct.

If these don’t exist,
there can be no Divine operation
and as a result
the spiritual mind cannot be opened.

But once these are planted
in early life,
the rational mind
is opened from below.

And then the rational mind
can begin to order the
civil and moral truths
into spiritual truths
which opens the way
for the spiritual mind to flow in.

The spiritual mind is finally opened
by becoming a spiritual person
in our actions -
by actually following spiritual truths.

Since our mind is really our spirit,
heavenly ideas cannot be open
until our behavior begins to be heavenly.

With humans,
this is done first by stopping bad conduct.
Good ideas cannot be received
while bad conduct remains.

Once we take that first step
to stop what we consider to be
a violation of the laws of Order -
our spiritual mind begins to open.

However, in order for
civil and moral truths
to be gathered,
there must first
be an affection for them.

We know this by simple learning.
If a subject isn’t loved in some way
it doesn’t remain in the memory.

Someone who loves to fish
will learn all there is about fishing
but will not, for instance,
retain knowledge about bicycling
because there is no love for it.

Those who do not
order their minds in this way,
because there is no affection for it,
prevent their spiritual mind from opening
and then their natural, material mind
takes full control. 

Eventually, they become reduced to
merely sentient beings
with their minds inverted
and out of the universal order,
having the spiritual
as well as the truly rational
made completely useless.

People like this can often be
the most stupid of all in spiritual things,
and also in truly rational things;
but may be the most clever of all
in worldly matters
and those of a political and business kind -
believing that cunning is prudence,
and malice is wisdom.

All true intelligence
is from the higher rational,
which receives influx
from the spiritual world
and transfers it into the natural.

Natural (material) intelligence
may seem clever,
but it is filled with fantasies
derived from unhealthy desires
or misunderstandings
of the material world.

When people are driven by
their self-centered sentient minds,
they find no use for
rational and spiritual ideas
because the false intelligence
of the lower minds
is not concerned with spiritual good.

After a person’s freewill has firmed-up to live only by material philosophies, their spiritual and then rational minds become closed off – and then they are eventually reduced to a sentient oriented person and insane regarding spiritual things because their mind will only accept influx from the loves of the world.

So that people can know
what the outer natural mind
and what the inner natural are like,
which make up the exterior person,
and from this can know
what the rational is,
a brief reference to them must be made here.

From infancy to childhood
a person relies solely on their senses,
for during those years they are receiving,
through their bodily senses,
nothing but earthly, bodily,
and worldly impressions,
which are also the raw material
from which they forms their ideas and thoughts.

Communication with the rational operation
has not yet been opened up,
except insofar as they are able
to take in and hold on to those impressions.

The innocence which exists in them
at this time
is solely external, not internal,
because true innocence
resides within wisdom.

But God uses this –
their external innocence –
to bring order into what enters
through the senses.

If innocence did not come to them
from the Creator in that first period
no foundation would ever be laid down
on which the intellectual
or rational degree of the mind,
proper to a human being,
could be established.
From childhood to early youth
communication is opened up
with the inner natural mind,
by the person learning about
what is decent, public-spirited,
and honorable,
both through what parents
and teachers tell them
and through their own efforts
to find out about such matters.

During early youth to later youth however
communication is opened up
between the natural and the rational minds,
by their learning about what is true
and what is good,
so far as their
public and private life are concerned,
and above all
about what is good and what is true
so far as their spiritual life is concerned -
all of which they learn
from spiritual teachings.

Indeed insofar as they
put the truths they learn
into practice,
the rational is opened up.

But insofar as they do not
put truths into practice,
the rational is not opened up.

the things they have come to know
remain within the inner memory.
And to the extent that
during these years
and the next period of life –
they continue to
impair the good things they know,
refuse to accept them,
and act contrary to them,
that is, insofar as they believe lies
and practice evils instead,
the rational is closed,
and the inner natural
is also closed.

But in spite of this,
God’s Divine Providence
enables communication
to remain open enough –
through the lower rational -
to give them the limited ability
to understand the good or truth
that they have retained.

But people like this still
cannot make these their own
unless they self-examine themselves,
recognize their errors 
and work to stop doing them -
and for a long while after that,
wrestle with them.

With people however
who allow themselves to be regenerated
the opposite takes place;
for gradually, that is, in consecutive stages,
their rational is opened up,
the inner natural then becomes
arranged in order beneath it,
and for people on earth,
the outer natural beneath that.

This occurs especially in the period
from late youth to adulthood;
it also continues in progressive stages
to the final period
of those regenerating people's lives,
and after that in heaven for ever.

From all this one may know
what constitutes a person's inner natural
and what his outer natural.

When born, we have nothing;
no instincts
or pre-knowledge of anything.
Our soul is basically empty and neutral.

However, each soul carries characteristics
of their family’s roots.
These characteristics are potentials
and not certainties.

This is our genetic and spiritual inheritance
which becomes our specific signature.

Our family lineage contains
a mixture of characteristics
that have been passed on through time –
both physical and spiritual.

Each family in their early history
was attracted to various likes and dislikes
and these became passed on
almost like a special feature of our soul.

Dominant characteristics
tend to appear more often,
but like other reproductive systems,
there is a mixture of options and results. 

At a specific point in time,
certain characteristics were offered
from the particular egg of the mother
and the particular sperm of the father –
passing on both physical characteristics
and affectionate tendencies.

Why did I end up with my characteristics?
Why did I end up
in the country I live in?
Why was I born rich – or poor?
Does any of this matter?

But to give an answer,
we are who we are
due to the collective freewill of humanity.

This collective freewill
allows for the variations
in genetics and spirituality
within a family lineage.

But even so,
this is only our starting point.
Once reformed, our old life
will be irrelevant.

Humans have been given
a freewill and reflective mind
that sets them apart
from the rest of creation.

This is our unique
connection to the Creator.

Our reflective, rational mind
is part of our make-up,
as is our material body
and spiritual body.

But our freewill,
is not something that we possess,
but is, rather, a set of conditions,
constructed to insure that our will,
which we do possess,
remains spiritually free.

In order to have a genuine free will,
the proper balance of the things that affect us
is necessary to prevent one condition
from overwhelming all the others
and block out the free movement of our will.

This balance is
constantly and carefully
watched and maintained -
in each and every human -
exclusively by the Creator.

Through every second of every day,
God is insuring
that we are positioned in the center
of all our opposing choices –
most specifically
between the influences of heaven and hell
or between the presence
of the all-powerful Being
and the compelling bad desires
of finite humans.

The synchronization is profound.

Through this balance,
our mind can be free
of any true external compulsion.

Without this balance,
each human's will
would not be able to consider
different and better choices.

One of these conditions,
that provides for our balance,
is the appearance of independent evolution
and isolation from God.

This condition sets up a world
where God’s presence
cannot overwhelm us.

And yet another condition,
that's necessary for freewill,
begins at our birth.

Unlike the whole animal kingdom,
people are born without instinct
or any imbedded ideas.

Instinct in the animal kingdom
passes on preset behaviors
to their offspring by birth,
which provides them with
an advantage in their survival.

But in humans,
this would extinguish freewill
in all the following generations.

This condition at birth
sets up a world
where the bad influences
of other humans
and of our inherited tendencies
cannot immediately overwhelm us.

So, except for our
involuntary mechanisms,
when a brand new human
enters the world,
each person must learn
everything from scratch.

The new human mind
is a fertile, empty garden
yearning to be planted -
and the gardener
is our free will.

As said, this mind is not a single unit
but is made up of components
that are from the animal kingdom
and also components that are
exclusive only to humans.

And a person's spirit,
regarded as an object,
is nothing but their mind
and whatever comes from it.

It is the mind
that both wills and thinks,
because everything from which
a human is a human,
pertains to these two;
for people act from the will,
and speak from thought,
or, what is the same,
act from their love
and speak from their understanding.

As mentioned before,
the mind of early humans
was of a different composition
than people today.

Where we have two minds
that allows us to disguise
what we’re really thinking
and willing,
early humans had a single mind
causing their will and understanding
to be in accord at all times
and their spiritual mind to be
straight wired to the sentient mind.

Before we get back into our story,
let’s draw a quick diagram
of the mind of early humans.

We can compare it to the other drawing
of our two minds, that we drew earlier.


As time went on,
and the very first humans continued       
to live their day to day routines
the same as their non-humans parents –
sleeping, waking, gathering food,
hanging out with each other,
resting, eating, playing
preparing a place to sleep
and so on.

But differences were becoming evident.

Some began to break from the routine.
Not to be rebellious,
since no one else really cared,
but to explore and poke at things.

Every creature was always looking
for new sources of food
but these new humans
would spend time
figuring out how things worked
and what was their use.

Because they shared common interests
the new humans
found and became attracted
to one another;.
and developed close bonds.

Some males and females eventually united;
and some of them began to have offspring.

It seemed only natural
that they would begin to
camp together. 

But there was more.

Another difference
showed up in their laughter.

We often don’t consider the idea
that early humans enjoyed humor
as much as any human.

But even the pre-human parents
would look oddly
as their tiny babies would break out
in an open laugh for no apparent reason.

This was strange to them,
but is unique to humans.

Laughter is a result
of reflecting on something
and seeing the humor,
or seeing the joy of life.

Even a baby can be overcome
with laughable joy
when confronted with their new life.

And as the different groups of humans grew older,
on some evenings,
the loud sounds of merriment could be heard
far away from the camps. 

And for good reason -
life was full of increasing delights. 

And they also could communicate better -
not obliquely like the animals -
but with direct information exchange,
although there was no vocal language.

Communication occurred through
reflecting on subtle facial movements
and the language of the body.

Although this would seem limiting to us,
it does, in fact,
allow more information to be conveyed
than from clumsy words.

As said before, the earliest humans
did not have two personalities
like we do today.

And since they lived within order,           
the lower minds followed
their spiritual mind -
making them all one.

When humans are like this,
they cannot act differently
on the outside,
but reflect their very soul
in their appearance and actions.

This means
that they communicated their thoughts
with their whole body,
but specifically with their facial variations -
which are thousands.

They communicated almost involuntarily
reflecting their inner thoughts
directly to the face.

These were not barbaric people
nor were they mentally primitive..

When we try to imagine what it was like
for those early humans,
we envision in a brutal, primitive world
with threats all around them.

And indeed,
the world of wildlife and nature
does offer many dangers.

However, these early people
lived in a sheltered environment,
protected from harm and disease
by the Creator.

There may have been
disasters, pests and predators
at those times,
but, by design of the Creator,
nothing harmed the new humans.

But then a tragic day arrived:
one of the first humans died
after living many years.
He went to sleep
and never woke up.

His friends and family
were stricken with sorrow 
and they kept his body near out of love. 

In the following days
the body began to stink;
so it was taken away from the camp
and covered. 

Days went by,
and they went on with their lives,
but very sad for the first time.

One day not long after,
someone from the camp
was gathering food nearby. 

She looked up
and saw someone coming in the distance. 

It was the one who had just died! 
She was sure! 

Running back to the camp,
she signaled her mate to come quick. 
She just saw the one who had died! 
He was walking towards her! 

Just then they looked
where she came from
and both saw him. 

In unison,
as if by intuition,
they began to run to the place
where they placed his body. 

The rocks were still there.
After removing a few,
they knew that the decaying body
was still buried. 

They looked at each other
and thought that this could not be. 

As they turned
to look back toward their camp,
he appeared again,
smiling and waving.

The woman nervously waved back.

they stared again at each other,
this time curiously,
as if to say "How could this be?" 
He that died was just as confused. 

Slowly reaching out,
they touched each other. 

He felt real. 
He was real! 
What has happened? 

Smiles came on to their faces,
then tears of joy.
Soon the other friends and family
started showing up -
each expressing their own shock
followed by tearful delight. 

What has happened? 
How could his body be decaying
underneath rocks
and be here at the same time? 

They asked where he had been?’
He pointed and told them of a camp
where he woke up.

There was food and shelter –
good food.

But these questions were forgotten
by the intense joy
that overcame them all.

As days went by,
the one who died began to show
different and strange capabilities. 

He would disappear
and then reappear with other friends
who were hundreds of yards away. 

He'd often appear
when they were just
thinking about him.

When he showed them his camp,
he said that it changed every day,
and sometimes during the day.

But when some went back one day
to find him,
his camp it wasn’t there.

And he could communicate
even more deeply with them -
making closer connection
with the affections and thoughts
of the others.

Even so, he tried to explain
what was happening,
but couldn't find
anything to compare.

But they did begin to assume
that their friend
went into another world
that touches this world.

As the days went on,
they all fell back into their routines
but with even more curiosity
and happiness.

A few months later, another died. 
And the same things happened.

And the same things happened
in other camps as well.
As time progressed,
more and more humans died
and began to explore this 'new life',
while also staying in contact
with their Earth bound friends. 

Or so it seemed. 

Soon the friends in the material world
started to experience strange things
on their own. 

Objects like rocks and trees
would appear to move
and sometimes change shapes
or position. 

They often appeared to be
almost communicating with them. 

A tree seemed to point
to a new source of food. 
And a large rock
appeared to change form,
and when they investigated,
water was found. 

And other objects
and even animals
acted the same. 

The whole world
seemed to be alive
and communicating with them,
and even changing with their dispositions.
But how could this be?

They never saw things like this
until that first one who died
came back to life. 

Maybe they are able to see
into that other world as well?

Maybe this is why
they could see those
who had died? 

As more time went on
they discovered that
the first world,
the world where they were born,
seemed more restricted
and vulnerable.

But when aware of
and exploring the other world,
they were freer, happier
and strangely more at ease. 
This other world
was starting to become
far more attractive.

And they also found
that they began to learn
at an accelerated pace. 

Early humans learned
from an interior perception.

Their wisdom came
not as a result of learning
in order to believe that something is so;
but as a result
of an instant inward perception –
or literal insight.

In the beginning,
human minds were hardwired
and aligned
under the spiritual mind
in complete order.

By this, they were able to receive
influx and life from the Creator –
with no one in between -
and be taught directly by the Creator.

And they were of such a character
that they instantly responded
to the teachings they received
because they readily embraced
genuine love.

And since they were motivated
by the good in their spiritual mind
this spiritual good has rooted within it
all truths and all wisdom.

This is very hard for some to accept
and even harder to understand;
and those who cannot see
beyond the material senses
will never accept it.

Be that as it may,
when the spiritual mind is open,
we can receive an internal perception
or, what is the same, internal revelation,
of things that are true
and even comprehensive skills.

And as a person learns higher things
the lower things fall into order.
All wisdom comes from the higher things
flowing into and reordering lower.

So those first humans on Earth
through this type of perception,
gradually learned about
both worlds around them,
and also about the Creator.

They were progressively taught,
through this inward revelation,
why all those strange things occurred; 

that they were alive
because they receive life
from the Creator;

that they do nothing
on their own;

that there are two worlds
and they operate together;

that humans on earth have both
material and spiritual bodies;

that they were born
for the spiritual world
but first live in the material world
to become permanent;

that the strange things they were seeing
were because they could see
into the other world;

and that material death was
only the beginning of eternal life.

They were also taught the language
how things in the material world
correspond to the things
of the spiritual world.

This became
the language of wisdom to the ancients -
a highly symbolic language
that links the worlds -
but lost in time as we’ll hear later.

Life became increasingly delightful
for those first humans.

Because of this,
they began to make up ways
to return their appreciation
to the Creator
with a daily show of gratitude,
tributes of respect and honor
as well as songs, dancing
and seasonal festivals.

All these displays used
the language of wisdom
to convey even deeper respect.

And as people went about their lives
they were able to understand
the quality of each material objects that they saw
and also their related spiritual correspondence.

In such a way, the first humans
excelled in wisdom
beyond anything we can imagine.

We measure success
by the buildings we construct
and the civilization we claim to have;
but those who belonged
to the First World -
who today we call primitive -
measured success
in learning the wisdom of Heaven.

We can’t know this today,
but imagine being able to live in this life
and also experience life in the spiritual world
at the same time. 

The material world is created
in a serial progression
with every object coming
from somewhere in time.

But the other world exists
by instantaneous and perpetual creation
altered and locally customized
by the affections of each spirit. 

The substances in that world
are correspondences of the affections
of the people there,
and they remain
as long as the affection remains -
or the person remains -
and disappears with them.

Now, this could be good
or this could be bad -
it depends on a person's
core affections
and the direction of their freewill.

To put this differently,
consider our homes.

In this life, the place we live
has to evolve from previous materials
through a timeline of events
- our furniture from a forest of trees
that grew for many generations;
- our fuel from millions of years
of development underground
- our metals from the Sun
and distant stars
- and it’s construction
before we can move in. 

After we apply our touches to it,
the home we live in
ends up reflecting our personalities
and general moods. 

This all happens
through the course of time.

But our home in the next life
is an immediate and constant creation
and will reflect our changing
affections and personalities
directly -
changing with our shifting moods
or interests. 

It does not come from materials
gathered through time,
but is there by instantaneous,
perpetual creation.

This may be
a disturbing idea to us at first,
since we imagine
something that changes
by our moods and affections
to be a whimsical fantasy;
but such is the character
of the spiritual world.
The "house" will continually be there
because our core love
remains generally constant;
but as our interests and moods change,
so will the decorations,
the construction,
the surrounding environment,
the weather
and so on.

Seeing this type of environment
was the cause
of those strange occurrences
that the early humans experienced.

They were not seeing those things
in this world,
but saw them
because they could see
into the spiritual world.
As thousands and thousands of years went by,
humans continued to grow in wisdom
and developed as family groups,
living in harmony and within order
while communicating with
those in the spiritual world.

And as communications continued,
more pieces of wisdom were acquired
and shared among each other.

In this way, each generation
was able to gain from the previous.

And although those on Earth
could experience both worlds,
those who had passed on
to the spiritual world
could no longer directly experience
the material world,
because they no longer
had a material body.

When people communicated
between the worlds,
those in the material world
saw into the other world,
but not the reverse.

But those in the other world
could see the spirits
of those in the material world.

This was a developing relationship
that would grow closer
as time went on.

For millennium,
there was really no interest
in the material world -
only enough to meet their needs
to survive and procreate;
or for the use of
developing young minds
toward spiritual thought.

The wisdom of those days
was focused on
the higher things of the spirit
and in exploring the spiritual world.

Everything for humans
was in the harmonic flow of life.

God was at rest
and peace filled the human mind.

The people of those days
received life directly from God
and when they died,
they would continue their life
in a state of existence
that we would call closest to God –
not in distance, but in love.

The most ancient spirits populated
what we can call
the celestial or highest heaven
because these spirits continue to
receive life directly from God.

This heaven is for those
who live from the love
coming from God,
and was at first
the only heaven.


The core love of the Celestial Kingdom
and that which binds it together
is marital love,
which is the highest love of all.

This bond between two
forms an image of the
bond between God and Creation
or between good and truth,
or charity and faith,
or will and understanding
or love and wisdom.

And indeed, there is a duality
throughout all the universe.

True marital love
is the head of all other loves
and is the fundamental love
of all human loves in heaven
and of the spiritual mind -

because it originates from
the marriage between good and truth,
and from this marriage
spring all the loves which form heaven
and also the spiritual mind in a person. 

What is here called marital love
is not to be confused with
corporeal love because
one is the union of bodies
and true marital love
is a spiritual union of minds.       

The good in this type of marriage
produces love,
and the truth in it
produces wisdom. 

True marital love is like a parent,
with all the other loves
being offspring.

Married partners
who have this love between them
and in them at the same time
also have spiritual offspring -
i.e. spiritual fruits. .

The most ancient people
embraced this love
as the most important of all
and married for life –
not out of command,
but because their minds became joined.

And as mentioned,
these early humans populated
the Celestial heaven...

…and in that heaven
they continue to live to this day
with their mate, their ancestors
and all the family who followed
who could live in that Heaven.

This first age
was the time of the
the Garden Eden,
the First World ,
the Golden Age,
the antediluvians,
Atlantis -
and the time where all
great creation stories
lead up to what’s called
the fall of humanity.

As history continued,
the freewill of humans
got the better of them. 

When we die
we are released from
the confines of our worldly body
and become forces of energy –
human energy.

The spiritual world
that we have talked of -
and that is perpetually created -
is constantly radiating with
the Infinite Energy of God.

And this energy
is what fills our souls –
like fuel.

While in the material world,
the energy of our soul
is confined within the material body
because the material world
is the termination of creation.

But once released from the body,
we become part of that spiritual world
and part of that spiritual substance
that is streaming from the Creator;

and our life will translate and radiate
that spiritual energy.

This means that
whatever we are experiencing in that world
is translated into effects in this world
by our spiritual energy.

We become part of the perpetual Creation.

But today, people in the spiritual world
don’t know that they can affected us
because it would harm them –
as well as us –
if they did know.

They just know
that they are enjoying their life
by doing the things that they love to do.

The energy they give off by doing so
becomes part of the living forces
translated to the material world –

with the affections
for what they are specifically doing
causing corresponding effects.

Just as matter,
from the pool material elements,
can be borrowed and assembled 
to make our body
as a vessel for our soul;

and just as information,
from a pool of information,
can be borrowed and assembled
to build our education;

so also are affections,
from the pool of spiritual substances,
borrowed and assembled around our soul
to make our spirit.

Matter builds our body and
affections builds our spirit.

All our the affections of our spirit
don’t originated from ourselves
but already exist as part of
that Infinite flow of life
from the Creator.

And between us and the Creator
are layers of minds
that adapt what is higher
to what is lower.

At first, there were no layers,
between the Creator and humans -
all received direct influx from God;

But as we’ll hear,
the need for layers of atmospheres
between the Creator
and the people on earth 
was necessary to accommodate 
the changing loves of humanity.

Today, we are so enveloped
in material affections and thoughts
that none of us could take
direct input from God.
It would be like forcing
megavolts into a 1 volt light bulb.

So as time went on,
the people who went
into the spiritual world before us
helped to become the translators
of the influx from the Creator.

And since we are quite low
on the spiritual scale
and very high on the material scale,
there are several layers in the spiritual world
cascading down through
the higher to lower genus of people.

But still today,
the first layer of people
who continue to receive
direct influx from the Creator –
in the highest heaven –
are made up of those first humans
and those who have been capable
of joining them afterwards,
because of their pure love of God.

And they continue to this day
to reflect this pure love of God,
and accommodate those
in the lower heavens
who in turn accommodate
those below them,
and so on to earth.

Here’s a sketch of how heaven is aligned today
showing that influx from the Creator
flows first through the Celestial heaven
which accommodates life
to the Spiritual heaven
which is the heaven of wisdom.

And both the celestial and spiritual heavens
provide influx to the Natural heaven,
the heaven where more materialistic people live
but who respect and honor God
and do good out of obedience.

Life streams from the Creator
into the celestial heaven
where it is changed to wisdom
and passes on to the spiritual heaven.

Both the celestial and spiritual heavens
provide life to the natural heaven
because some there need
the influx of love to inspire them
and others need the influx of wisdom.

But because the world today
is almost entirely material
and both good and bad people
are mingled here,
the last layer next to earth
reflects this material mindset
and mixed population.

It is neither heaven or hell,
but is that state of existence
where mixed affections are allowed
until they have been purified.

If we continue on to the dark side,
those who reject the influx from God
and seek their own power,
begin to form the layers of hell.

Note: No one is sent anywhere
in the next life,
but go where their loves carry them.

And since bad conduct
cannot be allowed in heaven
hell has been provided.

Keep in mind that each layer is a world of its own and is solid to those who live there.
Think of the different levels as frequency ranges, modulating at their own level and visible only to that level.  However, life giving spiritual energy is transferred from God, to thethe top level down throughout each frequency band.  As it passes through each world, the spirits there receive life and then give it off as if it radiates through them.  As it does, it’s changed by them into something that the next level down can receive – all the while turning more materialistic or closer to the world.  When it reaches us, we are receiving a very crude idea of God, clothed in material ideas, fears and language.  But not all minds here are that material.  So within these crude ideas are deeper ideas that will appeal to the more spiritually minded. These ideas of God, that were presented to us ages ago, are full of the language of wisdom talked about earlier.  This language contains all levels of spiritual wisdom for each level of people, according to their spiritual genus.  Everyone gets fed what they need.

But because we receive life
filtered through layers of spirits
which accommodates the Divine to us,
the affections we receive
come from spirits,
not directly from God;

and definitely do not come from us
because we wouldn’t know
where to begin.

However, what does comes to us
is “directed” by God,
and delivered through those spirits
who just happen to be
in the line of flow.

None of the spirits enact anything
specifically towards a person,
because it is the Creator alone
that applies life to each individual;

but the spirits do act and we do receive –
all benefiting from the flow.

Thousands of spirits could be providing
different elements of our affections,
thoughts, actions and involuntary operations.

Again, this is how the spiritual works.
And to those living there,
it’s just like here
(until you learn the difference).

And the reason that we don’t
feel this operation while we’re here
is due to the current state of humanity.
Direct communication with spirits today
is not good and not allowed.

But more importantly,
people would lose their sense of life
if they felt that they were instruments.

So it has been told
that God works directly
into the soul of humans
and works indirectly
into our faculties
by the energy of spirits
arranged in proper order.

By way of comparison,
just to aid the understanding,
consider man-made instruments
in which there is only one single acting force,
as in pendulums, and in other mechanisms
for example.

These are set in motion
by the single force of a wheel,
a spring, etc.

Other powers that follow
one upon the other,
in whatever order they succeed,
are still activated by that single force.
But this is a limited comparison.

So this is life today,
after thousands of years
of degenerating toward the material.

And because of this,
certain restrictions have been introduced
to help protect us.

However, early humans were very different.
They had no restrictions
on where they could explore
or what they wanted to do;
and nothing was hidden from them.

And in those early days,
since spiritual life was everything
to people back then,
nothing was forbidden.

Because of this,
the early humans that died
began to learn that
that their energy could be shared
with someone on earth –
generally and specifically.

As life streamed from God,
they could receive part of it –
the particular part that they loved -
and project that aspect
into the material world.

And the human aspects
could be presented to material people.

For the early humans,
this interaction was well known
and lovingly shared.

And the interaction was so thorough
that it was possible for the people
in the spiritual world
to enter into an earth bound person,
experience all the sensory input
and even control what they did
because they could control their affections.

Such is the flow of life from God,
through the spiritual world
and into our world.

But make no mistake!
When considering that
life comes through other spirits,
we should never forget that
the Creator oversees everything.
God IS Everything;
and nothing happens
without the involvement of Providence.

The reason for all these layers
is to accommodate all
who are part of creation
and allow the intense heat of Divine Love
to be tempered for all people.

Even though we have this feeling
that we do things as of ourselves
and that humanity accomplishes much,
it is God that activates
the energy of our soul
and guides every action and sub-action –
directly, or through others.

The Creator acts through everything
to accomplish the end of creation –
which is a heaven made from humanity.
And to be very, VERY clear:
nothing bad or evil
originates from God.

All evil comes from humans
who have turned evil.
Most specifically, evil comes from
people who have entered the afterlife
and allowed their love to be contaminated
and their soul to become evil.

This bad energy also radiates into creation,
feeding evil in this world.

Even the storms and natural disasters
that cause mayhem in this world
and diseases that ravage humanity
are caused by bad spirits,
radiating their evil intentions.

Such also is the spiritual world.

However, because evil people are alive,
they do use the energy of God to exist.

They receive the love streaming from God
and then turn that energy
into a corruption -
which then goes out to influence
the rest of creation.

But this bad energy is also used
by Providence
to gradually bend creation
back onto the right path –
all within the rules
of protecting freewill.

There is no evil committed,
that is not turned to good
by the Creator.
What may seem bad to us here
is actually something that leads people
closer to a better eternal life.

It’s all focused on our eternal well being.

Bad experiences have their lessons
and effects;
good experiences have their lessons
and different effects.

And the Omnipresent Creator
knows what each of us needs
to be the best person
we can possibly be.

So the Creator does use this bad –
actually, allows this bad to happen –
to affect us when it will do some
long term (eternal) good.

Who doesn’t accept the fact
that people sometimes need bad incidents
to get their attention toward better things?

No one is given
more than they can handle.
But we can’t see this
from our current perspective.

And, really –
this material existence will be
a very short period in our lives
and will be over before we know it.

Just know that we are each receiving
God’s Infinite attention
to attract us to a better life
and protect us from getting worse.

Much more can be said on this subject,
but for the purposes of our story,
it’s important to know
that today, there is an unaware interaction
with spirits and earth bound humans

So much so, that people on earth
do everything from spiritual influences.

This interaction was openly known
and free to use
in those early days.

The main difference being that
early humans were born
with an ordered mind,
and could easily accept
direct influx from God.

But people today are of an inverted state
and require a filtered influx.

Let’s find out why this changed.

Since those in the spiritual world
could enter back into the sentient life
and re-experience what life is like
to be on their own in the material world,
some began to like that feeling.

In the material world,
people are isolated from God
and it seems as if life is our own.

With the powerful abilities they acquired
through their spiritual energy
some started to think that their talents
were equal to God.

Their freewill was so strong
that they felt free from God.

Some drifted just enough
to question whether their power
actually did come from the Creator.

They also started to like the idea of
influencing people on earth
toward the things they loved.

And most of all,
they grew to obsess on
the pleasures of the senses.

In the spiritual world,
the Creator’s influence
can’t be mistaken
nor justified away.

In this world,
we can’t feel this influence
and are able to make up lies
to diminish the truth.

Here, we can deny God
and promote
our own power
and accomplishments.

Some of the early humans
began to feel
that everything they did
was by their own power

This is how it all started.

Rejecting the supreme truth
that all things
and all power
come from the Creator,
was the single most thing
that ended the Garden of Eden
and all other stories
of humanity’s fall.

The Garden of Eden, Atlantis,
the First World, the Golden Age
were not places or times
but a state of mind –
where influx was received
directly from God.

This is part of the language
of correspondences.

When some spirits and humans on earth
started to feel that
all power was their own,
they ended their ability
to receive direct influx.

Biblically speaking,
this was the end of
the Garden of Eden
which was when humans
lived from their spiritual mind.

The Tree of Life
is the understanding
that life comes from
and is God.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
is a perversion that believes that
humans have the power and capability
to tell right from wrong
and to be life itself.

When this happened,
those who did this
could no longer take influx
directly from God
and were said to have been
kicked out of the garden.

But this was only the beginning
of humanity’s downfall.
The worst was yet to come.

The antediluvians began exploiting
their own powers
and enjoyed this
more than sharing the delights
of friendship and love -
thus inverting their levels of life.

Through their spiritual energy,
some began to offer their way of thinking
to those on earth.

And when it was affectionately embraced,
the people on earth began to change as well.

These justifications were important
to help convince others still on earth
that they should embrace these feelings.

Things like:
“We know God better
and can help you.”

“We were born into the material world
and are supposed to embrace it.”

“You too can have this power.”

And they could also use
the mechanism of correspondence -
the real connection with spiritual ideas -
to project material images
and influence actions in others.

Once in control of the person,
these spirits could fully rush into
the material person’s very body
and direct their actions.

Remember, their powers were unlimited,
but the other person had to
relinquish their freewill
before this could happen.

Gradually, step by step
and through a degeneration
of interest in the spiritual world,
the fantasies that sprang up
began to overwhelm.

But for the sake of humanity’s
eternal welfare,
allowance was made
to accommodate this lower level of thinking
by having life flow through
the higher heaven
which also included at that time,
the very people who rebelled.

The higher heaven
and all those people who entered before,
began to be the primary source of life
for people on earth.

At that point, both good and bad spirits
were allowed to exist in the same heaven.

Affections and resulting thoughts
now came through other spirits
instead of directly from God.

Good people still existed on earth,
so the like-minded good ancestors
provided the appropriate influx.

But to accommodate those
who were rejecting the truth
of the Creator’s power,
life flowed through those spirits
who had rebelled.

And since the minds of these people
were hard wired for order
nothing could tell them
that they were out of order.

And then justifications proliferated.

In order to keep their minds
unified on purpose,
the understanding of those bad spirits
had to align with their actions.

Their “wisdom” had to change.

Once false ideas invade the rational mind,
those who embraced that philosophy
began to drown in their own lies.

Lie upon lie
built into total contamination.

Once early humanity
became completely enveloped
in self-centered motives -
motives that were opposed
to the Creator's love and harmony -
there was nothing that could tell them
that they were wrong
since their understanding
always followed their will. 

Not even God could convince them.

But the Creator knew
of this potential human weakness
ahead of time
and was prepared for it. 

The first great judgment
was coming to humanity. 

By reason of their
rejection of God's World
and their harmful actions
toward each other,
the early humans cast themselves
(repeat: "cast themselves")
out of harmony with the Creator -
and away from spiritual thinking. 

As said, people changed
from acknowledging
that all things came from God
to the belief that we live on our own
and have power over ourselves
and even over creation.

This is the root of our evils.

Remember, if each person
possessed life itself,
there would be no common good -
and without that,
we would all destroy each other
because this is our material tendency.

And the more that humans on earth
followed the rebellious crew,
the more they removed themselves
from spiritual thinking,
and the more remote they became
to the spiritual world
and the spiritual mind. 

As time progressed,
the evil grew to unthinkable depths.
The extent of what they could do
was so horrible,
that we can’t talk about it today.

Just know that people
who subjected themselves to their power –
for some type of sentient thrill –
were completely taken over. 

Had it not been for God’s intervention,
all would be lost.

The knowledge of the link
between the material and spiritual worlds
was used for dark magic,
and the most evil people
could control others
with extremely compelling powers. 

And the only thing
that could guide them back to sanity
was the Divine Truth,
but this had no effect on people
who felt that they did nothing wrong.

And since humanity's freewill
had to be protected at all times,
God could do nothing immediately. 

No one could be disciplined
because no rules of life could be established
in their understanding.

Evil wasn’t even understood.
To them,
there was no such thing as Divine Truth -
only the dictates of their own will
which at first were aligned with God.

Although those most ancient people
who came before them were safe
in their part of heaven,
the rebellious crew gathered in between
the Celestial Heaven and Earth.

They did this by permission from God
to accommodate God’s presence
to those on earth
who were drifting away.

But they could do this
because the minds
of the people on Earth
began to listen to them
instead of the Celestials.

This condition began to almost completely
cut off God’s influence on earth.

As time went on,
the evil crew dominated and destroyed
everyone's chances for heaven
and contaminated the whole human race
with deep evils that could never be removed
from their genetics.

The Creator does protect our freewill
but to a limit.
We will never be allowed
to destroy the end of creation
which is a heaven
from the human race.

Intervention had to take place.

Just as physical characteristics
are embedded in each family’s lineage,
so to spiritual characteristics.

Once the earliest ancestors
entered the depths of evil,
it became part of our
spiritual inheritance.

And each family was attracted
to certain evils
which entered their lineage,
causing those who follow
to lean toward these same evils.

But as a whole, all of humanity
was lost to evil - very bad evil.

Our natural minds were forever ruined.

Once the doors of experience
are open to people,
they can never be shut -
we can never unlearn something.

In fact, it’s such a pro-dominant force
that we're unable to resist it
by ourselves.

This wave of poisonous false ideas
swept over humanity like a great flood. 

As spoken of before,
the language of correspondences
was the very wisdom of the early days,
and ancient stories such as the flood
were developed with this language.

The infamous story of the great flood
was an symbolic event that took place
in the early history of humanity
when the antediluvians
rejected all ideas of spirituality.

Their lies that justified
that heinous, anti-spiritual
way of life
swept over them like a flood
and their natural mind drowned.

And Atlantis was likewise drowned;
and the First World was buried;
and the Golden Age turned to Silver.

Each story's inner meaning
describes the demise of early humans.

In our ancient history,
the gathering of people
and the building of cities
seemed to be
the beginning of civilization,
but this was not the case. 

In the most ancient times,
humans could live without fear
within their small family groups. 

If families ever did decide
to set up camp together,
it was out of love for each other. 

But when humanity
fell from their celestial position,
and the fight for dominance began,
the need to combine forces for protection
became essential. 

So the rise of what we call civilization
is actually the main indicator
of humanity's fall.

As said,
had it not been for the Creator's actions,
humanity would have been lost.

So as a result of this utter contamination,
God changed the composition
of all people from that point on.
A new human was born from the old humans. 

From this point forward,
humanity would have
a divided mind and a conscience.

Conscience is the spiritual willingness
to do what spiritual teachings dictate.
This is from the spiritual mind.

Since the will of all men and women
was forever lost to evil tendencies,
and since their understanding
was inseparably bonded to this will,
it was necessary
for God to break this bond
and implant a potential "new will"
directly into our understanding. 

If we listen to our conscience
(this new will - God's voice in us -
our second mind -),
we can then connect with God
and it can teach our understanding
how to be spiritual.
But more will be said later on this subject.

As the new humans
began to populate the Earth,
the old ones died away;
but not without causing grave damage
in the spiritual world -
and to this world. 

During this transition,
the Creator protected
the new humans from harm. 

He also gave them
external guidance
in the form of recorded wisdom
to insure that these teachings
would be passed on to those who followed.

As humanity backed further and further
away from God's world,
they would need these teachings
imbedded in their history
because their ability to learn this directly
from the spiritual world
was being closed off.
At first,
the wisdom would be passed on
through verbal stories,
told by those who were skilled
in remembering the tales.
Many of them are still known today.
But in time,
the art of writing came into existence
and these teachings were transcribed
for posterity.  

And although the stories
were told and written in material language,
they also contained the essentials
of the spiritual world. 

By understanding the relationship
between the two worlds -
the corresponding relationship -
stories could be told
in material terms
that would teach of spiritual things. 

And since material things
are distinct from spiritual things,
the stories contained several meanings:
the material relation
and the various levels
of spiritual teachings
within the story. 

In this way,
spiritual ideas would
survive the centuries,
even though people
would occasionally
lose their interpretation. 

And in this way also,
the deeper spiritual truths
could remain unharmed
during bad days -
hidden from human misconceptions
and ill intended falsities.
People would be able to pervert
only the material words.

When all preparations were complete,
the antediluvians,
who were now all in the spiritual world,
closed the doors to God
and opened the doors to an empty hell.

Here they can each believe that they are god.

However, they were still able 
to communicate with the world 
and their compelling fantasies, 
foul lusts and murderous intentions 
made them a threat to all they came across.

Once they vacated the Celestial heaven,
they took up position
between heaven and the world.

They were allowed to continue
because this was the only way 
for spiritual influx from the Creator 
to reach the people on earth.

All their powers over others -
which were fueled by lies,
direful persuasions and evil arts -
were able to continue,
but their effect would no longer 
be as destructive
due to the changed composition in humans.

In all groups of people,
there are some good and some bad 
but most have mixed affections.

Although the powers of the antediluvians -
who believed themselves to be a god -
could effect only on those 
who would willingly submit to them,
those with mixed affections 
were easily persuaded.

And if the antediluvians 
were to be removed too soon,
the large number of people following them 
would perish -
and this is not allowed 
as long as a person has some good 
remaining in them.

It is these who God accommodates.
If these people -
who still had some good in them -
did not received an adapted influx from God,
they would be lost to the evil crew
due to their inability to resist.

In time, 
the influence of the antediluvians 
would be removed from the world, 
but it would take
many generations 
and an epic event.

So ended the First World,
the Golden Age,
the reign of the antediluvians
on earth.

And in their place,
a new genus of people
began their quest for life. 

[End of Part 2]

Side Note:  If all this is true and God is directing us through life, how does our freewill work?

Our natural mind makes the decisions of our free will.  Nothing moves without concurrence of this - whether tacitly or overtly.  No actions of any kind and no changes in mental directions without it. This is what steers us, even though the vehicle we're riding in doesn't belong to us - neither the mechanical part nor the emotional part.  This is all borrowed.  But what this set up does provide, is the ability to build our own character out of the options that are available - our free will gets to assemble our spiritual person for us.  This is why the battles in the natural mind are so important. 

But this is a controlled environment, mind you.  The Creator doesn't want our free will to fail.  We're given every opportunity for success. 

So... here we are in this vehicle that doesn't belong to us and that doesn't feel, think or move by our power.  And on top of that, the vehicle has been passed down and modified from within our families with certain potential quirks.   And what’s more, the complete environment that surrounds us is out of our control and is programmed to affect us according to our needs and by providing certain circumstances. 

Even though this vehicle isn’t ours, we can drive it by choosing from the options that are presented to us (according to our needs).  It's like we’re placed in front of these toggle switches that do specific actions.  Different circumstances - different switch sets.  And at first, they’re all set to neutral.  When we see options that we like (or dislike), we throw the switches and we move accordingly (physically and/or mentally).... the internal and external vehicles do this for us.   Sometimes we have to throw some switches in the no direction and others to the yes side - all so quickly that we hardly consider many of our actions.  Some decisions, though, do take time to process.

It’s kind of like there are spirits circling around us at their various levels – living their own individual spiritual lives - who project certain affections (functions) that are looking for the right circumstances to make an effect.  When we pick one (or more), their affections stream in, the associated thoughts begin to flow in and the resulting actions take place – all under the power of the spirits who we picked (the affections that we decided to associate with) and the spirits related with our functions (but… from God, actually). 

The spirits don’t know where their affections land in this world, they just know that they have found a home in their world.  It’s like after I make a database – I don’t really know who’s using it or what it does for them.  All I know is that when I build something like that – and it works through some pretty cool programming – I get real happy at the outcome.  And, of course, all the skill I use to make it work streams in from previous knowledge and spiritual causes - so it’s just part of a flow that originated the Internal world.

Each set of options that we're presented with is by the design of the Creator.  Sometimes the circumstances try to bring out the good that can flow through us and sometimes it actually tries to bring out any lurking bad that might work through us so we can self-reflect and improve.  By these options, God is trying to slowly bring us to the better destination.  If we choose the wrong switch, a different set of options are designed to coax us back on the path - kind of like taking a wrong turn while on GPS.  

The destination that the Creator is aiming us towards isn’t actually a place, but a state of driving.  The idea is to let God drive while we make believe that we’re the one driving.  Of course, before we can do this, we’ll have to learn to appreciate how the Creator drives.

There are actually two sets of toggles – one row for our animal mind and a higher row for the spiritual mind.  And there’s also a feedback/feedthru filter for the rational mind.  Our animal mind can use the rational mind to reflect feedback.  The spiritual mind uses the filter to communicate with the animal mind.  We spend most of our time playing with the lower switches because at first, the spiritual toggles are disabled – it's very bad to start using them if we would revert to our animal mind motivations.  So this is strictly inhibited (On Star inhibit). 

Some toggles in the animal level have pretty lights that seem to attract us.  When a set of circumstances appear, sometimes it contains these pretty toggles.  They seem to make us secretly attracted.  These are the inherited pro-dominate tendencies that seem to crop up often – even when seemingly unrelated circumstances are happening.  A flash of something may present the greed switch as an option.  Or anger. Or lasciviousness. Or laziness.  Or hubris. We all know how the impulse appears.  As we developed, we started throwing the switch as a habit.  But once it’s exposed, we can learn to see past the sparkly lights and recognize it as a bad habit.  After time, we can get to a point where we recognize this while we’re reaching for the switch and can then have the chance to throw the switch in the “no” direction.

But make no mistake, these ruling love switches are the hardest to turn away from.  Once we recognize these as a bad habit, the fight to resist can go on for many years – even after asking for Divine help.  Sometimes we’re successful - but it keeps on coming back.  In fact it won’t end until we get to a point that we almost give up.   At this point, we’re ready to accept the fact that we ‘should’ give up.  We have no power to do anything about it and have to recognize that during those times we were successful, the Creator was actually performing this for us.   We can then begin to see the good flow through us and also recognize the bad in the light that it can flow through us, and not actually be part of us (remember, everything is borrowed - we don't have to keep it).  After we begin to push the no switch because it is an offense to God, the flashy lights will begin to turn down and they'll eventually reduce to a cold dim glow.  Will the light of our ruling love ever vanish?  I don’t think so - it will just be placed to the auto “no” selection… but still accessible.

If we think about it, any toggle we throw in the lower set is wrong – whether yes or no – because the animal mind has regards only for itself.  It's tolerated for the sake of our future growth.  So if we throw a switch that we believe to be good at that level, it still does not represent good in the true sense.  But once we start to be allowed to use the upper level switches, a general change occurs.   Which happens only after we begin to do good for the right reasons and not from any self-motivation.  This is Spiritual good.  Common good.  Good towards the Whole.  When we start to do this just a little bit, our spiritual mind begins to open.

This would technically be the last decision of the natural mind - relinquishing control to the spiritual.


Part 3 - The Epic Rescue (to be continued mid-2012)

In part 3 we'll explore the quality of God and how humanity survived after the fall.