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here was a primeval revelation acquired by the earliest humans that surpasses anything we know today about God and creation.  In fact, those most ancient people held the clearest picture of life and of the Creator that anyone has obtained since. Myths and stories from those days still resonate throughout the world's cultures and are at the root of all major religions.

These earliest people, of what some call the Golden Age, had the type of ordered soiritual life that opened them up to communication with their ancestors - those who passed on to the next life.  Through this interaction, the infinite world of God was discovered and embraced. 

And as people advanced, the effort to bridge the tangible things of this world to the intangible things of the infinite world became the highest form of wisdom among the ancients.  Their stories weaved allegories that used material images to represent spiritual concepts.

This interaction between the two worlds was essential for people then and also to future generations because no one can discover the mysteries of the infinite world - or even know about infinity - without learning this from someone who is in the position to know the difference.  The ancestors who entered the other world were able to teach their earth bound relatives what that world was like and also how God rules the Universe.  Material minds and material perspectives cannot do this.  This is why it's so important to harken back to the early stories that came out of essentially every early culture.  Although these stories contain practical lessons on their surface, they are also rich with strange images making it clearly obvious that deeper meanings lie within.  These deeper messages are remnants of that primeval revelation.

For tens of thousands of years, there was no real interest in material things or things of the sciences except for service to their material bodies or as a vehicle to explain the other world.  This is why the earlier people look so "primitive" to us.  The spiritual world and spiritual life was far more attractive than life on this very crude earth.  Why waste our time gathering material wealth and settling into life here when time is short and our future and long term home is more important?

These primeval stories - that were passed on verbally - primarily had to do with spiritual development (development of the higher mind and preparation for a life in heaven) and how humans interface with their Creator.  Their minds were far more spiritual developed than we can ever imagine.  The stories were presented in the form of allegories because infinite things relating to the spiritual world can only be explained and understood by comparisons to material things and representatives of things that are familiar.  Because of these deeper meanings layered within material words, each story was a spiritual lesson for people of all levels - from children up to the wise - and for people who would come after. 

When writing was developed, many of the stories were solidified and made traditional.  In fact, this style of representative writing continued  well into the time of ancient Greece and Rome.  These became the familiar tales we hear today and also the various holy scriptures.

As time moved on and humanity became more rooted in the self-focused attractions of the material world and less interested in their inner mind and spirit, the meaning of those early stories became obscured and eventually lost.  Today, we are scarcely interested in what they mean.  And they continue to be distorted - often out of good intentions.  Yet, they still contain elements of that primeval revelation and answers to age old questions - when seen in the right (spiritual) light.

From these stories, we are told of two worlds - this material world in which we live, and the infinite world that is the residence of the Creator and home of our future life.  So to fully understand creation, we'll first need to understand how the material and infinite worlds are linked together. 

The discoveries of science have given us a solid foundation to build a new, improved vision of creation - beyond the symbolic and misinterpreted myths of early days.  But the extent of our wisdom regarding this subject can't be focused solely from science.  There is so much more to life than just sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.  Since science is limited to the discoveries of the senses, the rest of the picture regarding intangible things such as love, understanding, thoughts, affections, spirituality and life have to be filled in by the early discoveries of the ancients and from their stories that have been passed down to us. 


onventional thought is something that is firmly believed at a moment in time (like the beliefs that people have today), but this changed in many ways through time.  What we believe today is often nothing like the original conventional thought of former days.  It only takes one small diversion to send an idea off its track.  And then this takes on a life of its own and mutates through the decades and centuries into many different forms - ending up with completely different meanings, purposes or customs.  

Today, we feel in a superior, more advanced position than any time in history - thinking that we are far more developed.  It's the intention of this story to correct this misconception and also to challenge many other conventional thoughts.

The existence of the spiritual world and its relationship to the material world is not yet understood because the reality of that world is not generally accepted by the community of scientists - and surprisingly, by many of those who say that they are religious. When the other, Infinite, world is finally acknowledged, the exploration of the universe and the ideas of creation will take on a new meaning.

In a nutshell:

  • Creation is perpetual - The existence of all life and all substance flows in a perpetual stream outward from the Creator.  If this stream were to be turned off, the full universe would vanish - material and metaphysical.  Creation did not happen millions of years ago and is fueled by itself - it is happening constantly - now - and is fueled by the infinite energy of God.  The material world, which seems independent, is connected to the infinite world in ways that are unimaginable.

  • Evolution is a real process but is set up for the purpose of protecting our freewill.  If there was material proof of God, we would lose this freewill and become either resistive to the compulsion from the overwhelming presence of God or be reduced to obedient puppets.  This material world and appearance of evolution isolates us from the presence of the Creator; and because of this, there will never be material evidence of God.  But knowledge regarding God and of the infinite world has been given to us in ancient times and has filtered down through the ages.

  • Material creation is perpetual in it's smallest particle - this tiniest of material particles is continually fed from the spiritual world - these smallest bits of matter populates and builds the entire material universe.  Material substance actually forms as a shell around the spiritual force within it.  It's the spiritual energy that gives life to this material world.  Our material body is acting in the same way - it is our spirit that is actually living and performs the acts of life.  The material body and all its senses works at the command of the spirit and not the reverse. 

  • When we die, we lose only our outer material body.  The rest of us - the real "person" - wakes up in the other world.  And that world, and our life there, will be as solid to us as this world feels to us here - with everything we see in this world existing also in that other world... and more.  The only difference is in the type of substance that forms each world.  Here, we are made of finite matter - but the forms and lives of the other world are made up of intangible spiritual substance.

  • Our soul is a receptacle of life, receiving life directly from the Soul of God, Who is Life Itself.  The aspects of our life that make us uniquely human are: freewill, a rational (reflective) mind and the sensation that life is our own (even though it is from and connected to God).  And to be clear, our soul and spirit is as human in form as the material body - in all aspects - but more pure.  In fact, our material body and spirit are formed by and a function of our human soul.  And because our soul has this unique ability to integrate with God, we are, in fact, immortal.

  • There's so much more that can be added, but let's let the story fill in the rest.

We take no credit for the words in this story nor the arrangement of the words.  The reasons for this are explained later in the text and may not be what you expect.  Thank you for stopping by and we hope that some of these ideas can spark your own thoughts on the subject. 

"...be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you - opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought." 
- H. D. Thoreau, Walden, 1840


Perpetual Creation



Before the beginning
in the Infinite World
apart from time and space
lives our Creator,
God -
the Source of Life,
the Infinite and Only Living Being,
the Divine Human;
All Loving,
All Knowing,
All Powerful.

With an Essence of Pure Love
and a Manifestation of Perfect Wisdom,
God's First Radiance
is the warm and brilliant
Sun of Eternity -
with the Divine Love
providing Spiritual Heat,
which spreads Life throughout Creation;
and the Divine Wisdom
projecting Spiritual Light,
which presents the Divine Love and enlightens.

These two essential attributes are combined
within the Divine Activity,
which is
Perpetual Creation.

The Sun of the spiritual world
is not God,
but is that fiery spiritual substance
around God's Human
which is the Pure Substance
of Divine Love and Wisdom.
And from this Pure Substance,
God continuously creates the entire
spiritual and material Universe.

And although God may seem
to be centered in this spiritual Sun
Infinity has no center
because there is no space
and God is everywhere.

In every created thing,
from the greatest to the least,
as created by God
or built by humans,
there are three things:
and effect.
A created thing
in which there are not these three
is not possible.

Now because nothing can exist
in which there are not these three,
it follows that the universe
and all things therein
were created by God in succession
from and by the Spiritual Sun
where is the End of all things.

Consider how we produce anything.

It starts from a love that springs an idea -
which is the end.
Next the idea blossoms
into a sketch, script, and implementation -
which are the causes.
And finally, the resulting form or function appears -
the effect.

Without some kind of love for the results
or love of the reward for the task
nothing would be initiated.
Love starts everything.

This love forms an idea
of the end results.

From this,
thoughts spring out
in all related directions.
A plan of action is formed.
And the actions necessary
to complete the idea
are initiated.

After some amount of activity,
all by means of the causes,
the effect of the original end idea
is made into reality.

So from immaterial
yet substantial beginnings -
from an affection and idea -
an object is formed.
And this is true of spiritual
as well as material objects.

And indeed,
there is not only one
end, cause and effect
along the way,
but several sub-layers
of these three
in the process,
all driven by the first end.

And as they exist together,
end, cause, and effect
are in succession
but distinct from one another -
the end is inmost,
the cause next,
and the effect last
or outermost.

Each are not independent,
but are coexisting,
such that
unless there is a cause
in the effect,
and an end in the cause,
there is no effect;
because if the cause
is removed from the effect
the effect can not exist,
and still more
if the end is removed from the cause.

In other words,
the effect is the continuation of its cause,
and that when a cause ceases to exist
so does the effect;
and consequently,
without constant influx
from its end and subsequent cause
every effect perishes
or deteriorates into non-existence.

Because an end lives through the causes and effects
and the causes live from the ends and in the effects
and the effects live from the causes from the end,
none can exist without the other.

In the full material and spiritual universe,
at the greatest level,
these three exist in the following order:
In the Sun of the spiritual world,
which is the first proceeding of
the Divine Love and Wisdom,
is the First End of all things.

In the spiritual world,
that surrounds the Sun,
are the true causes of all things.

And in the world of nature,
the material world,
are the resulting effects.

Since all three must exist together,
God, the spiritual world and the material world,
as the First End, Cause and Effect,
and since God is Infinite,
it follows that all three had no beginning.

On the Divine Level,
there has always been God
there has always been the spiritual world
and a material world has always existed;
although to us, for a reason,
it appears that our material world
did have a beginning.

Since God is the One, Only and Prime
Substance and Form,
the essence of which is Love and Wisdom,
and since it is from Him that all things come,
it follows that the universe was created,
in all its parts,
out of Divine Love
by means of Divine Wisdom.

Because of this,
a form of the Divine Love
together with the Divine Wisdom
is present in every single created object -
both material and spiritual.

Love too is not only the Essence
which forms everything,
but also unites and joins them,
so keeping together
what has been formed.

But love is not anything without wisdom,
because in wisdom
it is formed for something.
This something,
for which it is formed,
is some type of useful activity.

And therefore when love
by means of wisdom
is in usefulness
then it is something;
in fact,
it then first comes into existence.

Evidently, therefore,
the universe was created by God
to give existence to uses;
and for this reason
the universe may be called
a theater of uses.

In order to fully appreciate creation
we must redefine our understanding of substance
and the boundaries of life;
and extend our thoughts into the immaterial
and toward the Infinite.

From our limited point of view,
what is believed to be hard substance
is made up of material atoms and smaller particles
that were thrown off the surface of the material sun.
And we think that all solid life is contained within
and limited to these material substances.

Yet, in reality, the term substance
not only includes the material,
which is made from atoms and particles of matter;
but also the spiritual which is immaterial
and actually more substantial than material.
In fact, the essence and origin of matter
IS spiritual substance.

Consider the range of definitions for substance.
We can see that it can be material
and it can be immaterial:
• that of which a thing consists;
• physical matter or material: form and substance.
• the subject matter of thought, discourse, study, etc.
• the actual matter of a thing, as opposed to the appearance;
• reality.
• substantial or solid character or quality.
• the meaning or gist, as of speech or writing.
• something that has separate or independent existence.
• the essential part of a thing; essence.
• concerning the essentials; substantially.
• Origin: substantia substance, essence
• lit. that which stands under, i.e., underlies.

The suggestion that something can exist and be solid
apart from matter
is at first strange for us to imagine,
but not really.
In our minds, things clearly do exist
that are not material;
but in that realm are real,
with solid shapes and forms.

Close your eyes and touch something.
The fact that you can feel it
is not because the object is made from material
but because WE are made of material.

If we were made from spiritual substance,
the only things we could feel
or see
would be spiritual objects.

In the infinite spiritual world,
the objects with shapes and forms
are made from ideas and affections
which together form uses.
And each use has its own form
and each is substantially real.

To people there,
who are made of the same substance,
everything is solid.

Consider Plato's Theory of Forms
for parallel thoughts on this subject.

As said before, without ideas,
nothing would come into existence;
and without an initial affection (or love),
the birth of an idea could never be triggered.
And the union of the two
brings forth the causes
and the resulting form
along with its function or use.

Function (or use)
determines the form of everything.
It is impossible to gather any idea of a function
except from forms,
that is, from substances,
since the substances are the subjects
from which functions exist.

So the forms and shapes in the material world
are made of particles of matter
which collectively gather into a material function;
and the forms and shapes in the spiritual world
are made from aspects of love and wisdom
which collectively gathers into the spiritual function.

When we consider the Universe,
the Center which is God;
the spiritual world
which surrounds God,
and comes from God;
and the material world
which exists through the spiritual world,
all three have substance and forms -
all three are solid within their domain.

In the spiritual world,
as in our mind,
thoughts and affections
have forms and shapes
that look and feel,
to those who live there,
as solid objects -
both inanimate and animate.

And furthermore,
the spiritual world
has all the same objects
as the material world:
mountains, plants and animals of all types,
streets, buildings, books, beds
and people.
Everything - and more.

In all appearance,
it is just like this world,
but with more variety
and more perfection.

In fact,
there is not a material object in this world
that does not have a corresponding object
in the spiritual world,
made up of affections and thoughts,
resulting in a related functional form -
from spiritual substance.

The material object could not exist
without this corresponding spiritual object
because it is actually formed from it -
or it becomes a manifested effect
from the corresponding spiritual cause.

From the proceeding, consider this -
every corresponding link
presents an aspect
of our relationship with God.

We often imagine the other world
in an ethereal form -
where spirits float with bodies made of air -
because it's hard for us to believe
that the spiritual world has solid objects.

Yet what is solid?
We know that the hydrogen atom
is made up of one electron and one proton.
If we drew a representative hydrogen proton
10" wide,
the equivalent electron which circles it
would be the size of one pixel
of a video screen
and would extend 11 miles away!
This means that the atom
is 99.9999+% open space -
making us,
who are made mostly of water,
almost all open space.

And, as we'll confirm later,
since all matter is actually
just an appearance of energy,
we are essentially forms of energy.

Solid is relative to the senses.
To our material senses,
everything here has a solid base.
And to our spiritual senses,
the spiritual world is also solid -
and liquid and atmospheric.

Think not -
for one moment -
that we will be deprived of our sensations
and the objects of our senses
when we enter spiritual life.

Spiritual life is similar to this life
in appearance and feel,
but more full than we can imagine.
Don't be surprised when you discover this.

So, the difference
between material and spiritual objects
is in purity and origin.

In the spiritual world,
objects are made up of essential substance
and come forth with infinitely more clarity,
because they are the object itself -
the essence of a material object.

And these forms are also
created instantaneously
and are continuously sustained
by active influx from the Creator -
at all times.
This is immediate
and perpetual creation.

But with the material world,
what appears before our senses
has been assembled from matter
progressively through the ages.

A tree in the spiritual world
is able to show characteristics
of its spiritual cause
which is a certain type of love
and related wisdom,
or what is the same,
affections and related thoughts
pertaining to God and humans,
or what is also the same,
pertaining to its function or use.

This makes the appearance of the tree
to those in the spiritual world
much more full of life,
causing it to be seen more clearly -
in vision as well as perception -
than a tree in the material world.

A tree in the material world
is able to show characteristics
of its material cause –
and its material make-up -
which germinated from a seed
that was dropped from another tree
and its cells grew
into a mature new tree
which produced fruit
and made seed...
and so on through the timeline of history.

The material tree
is a cruder form of a spiritual tree
and has relation to time and space.
The spiritual tree
has relation to timeless loves and ideas
that take up no material space;
but does appear in the spiritual world
in its full substantial form.

To the people in the spiritual world,
the tree can be seen, touched, 
smelled and climbed
just like trees in the material world.

The senses of those in the spiritual world
provide the same function as do ours,
but with the difference of detecting
spiritual substance, sights, sounds and smells.

Each world is solid and substantial
to those living there.

We can not see the spiritual world
with our material eyes
and those in the spiritual world
can't see the material world
with their spiritual eyes
(contrary to common thought).

The two worlds are isolated from each other
because they are discretely different,
one being crude material substance
and the other living spiritual substance.

But the two worlds can,
and must,
relate to each other
through comparisons, representatives, 
correspondences, thoughts, affections
and a continuous influx of life
from the spiritual into the material.

By means of the Light and Heat
from the Sun of the spiritual world,
one after another,
spiritual atmospheres are created,
which are in themselves substantial.

Because there are three of them,
there are three heavens,
one for those in the highest degree of love and wisdom,
one for those in the second degree,
and a third for those in the lowest degree.

But because this spiritual universe
could not exist
without a natural universe,
in which the spiritual one
might produce its effects
and perform its services,
material suns are created
which are the source of all natural things.

And through this, in the same way,
by means of light and heat,
material atmospheres are created
to surround the spiritual atmospheres,
like a shell around a kernel
or bark around wood.

And it is finally through these
that the globe with its lands and seas is created
from the earth consisting of soil, stones and minerals,
to be the home of people, animals, birds, fish, trees,
and so on.

These spiritual atmospheres are not layered
in the visual sense
as layers of a cake,
but are within each other
and intermingled.

They are more like
the bands of frequencies
that surround us.

Consider our detectable frequencies:
at the highest level
are cosmic rays
with super high frequencies
and short wavelengths.
Gamma rays and x-rays follow -
all capable of penetrating solids.
Ultraviolet, then visible light
followed by infrared are next.
Microwaves, radar, TV
and radio waves
perform at lower frequencies;
and sound begins below that.
Sub-sound is the beginning of stabilization
as the material world is formed
from the properly collected materials.

Without the atmosphere of sound,
and our ears tuned to those frequencies,
we would not hear.
Sound can be said to have
an atmospheric band all its own
where the life of sound exists.

The same goes
for the atmosphere of light frequencies.
Each color having its own sub-band
with the colors mixing to form variations,
and the whole group
of visible light frequencies
being alive for our sight.

The band of infrared
carries the solar heat
and the band of radio & TV waves
can be used to
modulate and transport
both sound and light.

All these frequency bands occur
in the same space -
our space -
and intermingle;
but each band is distinct from the other.

Since we do have the ability
to use the radio & TV frequencies
to communicate through modulation,
it can be seen that each band,
each channel,
can carry different information
without interfering with another.

As seen on TV,
each channel
has a life of its own.

It is similar in the spiritual world,
where one band of existence -
such as the atmosphere
of the third heaven -
is not only before the other,
but within the other
and intermingled.

The three spiritual atmospheres
are Energy bands at various levels -
the Energy of Divine Love and Wisdom
modulating different environments of life
to accommodate
the vast variety of humans.

Closest to God,
(not in distance, but in state of life)
the purest energy of Love and Wisdom
creates a world for those
who love from a voluntary heart
which in turn
influences their understanding.
This world is complete in all its glory
and solid to those who are there.
It receives its influx of existence
directly from the Divine Love and Wisdom,
and transfers what they receive
to the next level.

The next layer is for those
who love through their understanding
which in turn
influences their heart.
This world is also complete
but receives its influx of existence
through the world above and within it.

The final layer of the spiritual world
is for those who live by
some type of respectful fear for God,
usually relating to custom.
This world receives its influx of existence
through the ones above and within it.

The interface between
the spiritual and material worlds
is what we generally consider
when thinking about creation.

How the material world actually began
seems to be a central focus
to material people.
But this is only one focal point
of a much bigger picture.

To bring the idea of the material world
first into the simplest light,
we begin with the tiniest bit of matter.
The base particle.

There exists, in our world,
the smallest of all particles
that is building block of all other matter.
These particles are, in fact,
matter itself.

These tiny specks are the simplest of all material
and have yet to be found.
They are the first piece of material
from which all other material structures are made…
inside atoms, inside electrons, inside quarks, inside strings…
deep inside everything material.

These are the multi-functional
pixels of our material world.
It is these particles that are
considered the first particle.

Some call this the God particle.

These particles make up and fill
what we consider as empty space
and also combine and react
to form everything
that we regard as material.

The primary components
of the material world
that differentiate it
from the spiritual world
are time and space.

Time is a result of duration
around a common reference point.
The materials that takes up space
provide these reference points.
They offer distances and movement -
both causing time.

To get what we call "outer space"
from spiritual substance
something has to be created.
Even though it may seem empty
in outer space,
something must exist
in order for there to be space.

True emptiness has no time or space
or existence.

We already know that
the invisible air
that surrounds us
contains elements and molecules
and is not at all empty.

In God's Universe,
there must be something
in order for something to exist.
Space is something.
These base particles
give space and time
their initial existence.

Everywhere there is space
there exists either
sub-atomic, atomic, elemental
and molecular materials,
or base particles.

But the mystery behind creation
goes beyond material aspects
to even deeper questions.

Material creation,
it should be remembered,
is not some event from the past
set in motion with random events,
but is a continuous influx by the Creator.

However, to us in the material world,
it is not so apparent -
for a reason.

Why does God remain hidden from us?
This question has dogged the ages
and is also a most essential
part of the story.

If we know the answer to this question,
we can understand many other
mysteries of life.

The universe and humanity
are not here by chance
nor are we isolated from God -
it just appears so.

In all of the universe,
humans are different:
having freewill -
the ability to change our loves -
and reflection -
the rational part of our mind.

Only by freewill can we advance our lives;
for without the ability to break free
from our unhealthy habits,
we would be fixed in our patterns
and driven only by our individual desires
toward the survival of the most aggressive -
we would be mere animals.

And only by reflection can we find Reality
and advance as human beings.

But the enemy of freewill is compulsion,
since compulsion is always rejected.
So for the protection of our freewill,
and our lives,
God remains hidden
while we are in the material world.

If the existence of God
was clearly known to us,
we would eventually lose our freewill
and be compelled by the mere presence of God
to obey out of self-gain,
or reject out of rebellion.
Neither are good choices.

For this reason,
in our world -
the material world -
there will never be material proof of God.

This is our Creator's first law
of Divine Providence.
Human freewill must be protected
and preserved
at all times.

Through Providence -
the aspect of God which guides people -
the Creator leads each one of us
toward being that higher spiritual human,
that we are desired to be.

And this can be done
only through our uncompelled freewill
and ability to reflect.
Lessons that are accepted by our freewill
are taken into our hearts.
Lessons that are compelled,
fall away as soon as the compulsion ends.
This is true at the Divine level
as well as the personal level.

To accommodate the protection of our freewill,
the material world must seem
as if it runs on its own
without physical evidence of God.

It is for this purpose
that the appearance of
independent evolution
is necessary.

In fact,
the material world often appears
as if it denies
the existence of God.

So evolution
is the material mask of the Creator,
making finite sense out of material progress
while hiding the force behind it.

A healthy idea of human freewill
is key to understanding Creation.
So if we understand
that the preservation of our freewill
is what makes us human,
the events of this world begin to make sense.

However, many bad things
happen to us along the way
and we tend to blame God for all of it..
So to be clear,
the lessons we learn have two sources:
the will of God
and the will of humans.

Those things that affect us
in good and enlightening ways
are directly from God.
All those that affect us adversely
have their origin in humans
- humans in the material world
and humans that have entered
the spiritual world.

Divine Providence acts through both:
God wills good toward us
and also,
God allows us to experience the
results of our bad aspects,
collectively and individually.

Our freewill is truly free -
it can lead to wicked results
or to the Creator and eternal happiness.

But, for those who understand Providence,
all things that happen to us,
every detail,
are for our spiritual success -
and not one thing
can damage our eternal spirit.

Short term lessons
for the long term results.

Enlightenment comes
when we have unwaivered confidence
that Providence
is leading us appropriately,
even through the hard times.
All is turned to good.

With those thoughts in mind,
let's peek behind the curtain,
and discover how the material world
is perpetually created.

Material creation,
in terms of a scientific idea,
can be imagined
by a very famous formula
that shows that matter
is the result of energy and motion.

The physics based formula,
explains the relationship
of energy, speed and mass,
or also seen as m=E/c2.

Mass is the relationship of
energy and motion.
In material creation,
E is the energy of God
and 'm' or mass,
originates from spiritual motion
or a spiritual cause moving in time
to make material space.

From the spiritual perspective,
time makes space.
And from the material perspective.
space makes time.

But creation is beyond material science;
although it does consistently operate
within the rules of the physical universe.
Creation is fueled by Divine Love
and ordered from Divine Wisdom -
both of which make the fire of Creation.

As the idea of creation emerges
from the mind of God,
it is not material, nor even spiritual,
but Divine Substance.

It travels
from the substance of the Sun
toward the outermost regions
of the spiritual world,
and takes on various forms,
from pure to crude.

The states of existence
in the spiritual world
that contain the most direct essentials
of Love and Wisdom
are considered closest to the Divine Sun -
not in space, but in state of existence
(although it appears as space).

And the more remote states
of the spiritual world
contain simpler and cruder essentials
of Love and Wisdom.
These simpler essentials can serve as mediums,
with the ability to accommodate
both spiritual and material ideas.

For instance, one can compare
Infinity to limitless space -
thus holding both
the spiritual idea of infinity -
something that has no space,
and the idea of limitless material space
which is a crude form of infinity.

These remote essentials are used
to manifest God’s qualities in the finite world
and are where material creation is activated.
These cruder ideas have relation to -
and can even move to make -
material space.

The atmospheres
that make up the spiritual world
go progressively further from the spiritual sun
in their state of existence.

From lofty ideals of love in the closest band
to lofty ideals of wisdom in the next
and to more earthly ideals of good and truth
in the furthest region.

At its closest point to the Creator,
the form of creation
is in more general terms:
"to create a universe
of free, thinking 
and loving human beings."

As this idea reaches the state
which is furthest
from the First End,
it is able to excite
and move at a frequency
that results in spacial motion -
and material space is activated.

The idea of creation
from the First End
is transformed
from general to particular
with its more crude purpose now being
"to move spiritual substance,
that will create a spacial particle
that would be the building block
of the material world
and provide a place
for free, thinking humans
to have their beginning
and then progress to heaven."

The idea acts like
the invisible point of geometry
which is the first point of a dimension.

This crude idea can tremble and vibrate
in all directions
within a tiny spherical boundary,
forming a haze of motion.

And this spacial motion -
together with the Energy within it -
is the first level of matter.

We may never be able to
discover this level
since it is the tiniest
and first portion
of the base particle,
and is the portion that is
directly linked to the spiritual world.

We have equal chance of finding this
as we do the edge of outer space.

In forming the second level
of the base particle,
the first level also vibrates,
shaping a new discrete layer
that is on top
or outside
of the original.

A new object is formed
that is bigger,
with slightly more mass,
but still unstable.

This modulated layering continues,
building atop and outside of each layer,
until the particle of matter is finished.
This combined layering
of Energy and motion
creates the base particle.

It is this finished bit of matter,
layered with modulations,
that is the building block
of the material world.

But there is more than one
type of motion
that can create a mass,
such as
spinning, vibrating
and variations in the layering.
And the same in opposite phases.

In static, undisturbed outer space,
all of these different base particles
are aligned and rest in balance -
such as a blank video screen
with all its pixels
programmed for
actions and reactions
and awaiting input.

But once they are disturbed,
a reaction occurs
that can set in motion
the creation of different
and more advanced matter.
And eventually be built
into the objects of our
material universe -
including ourselves.

Once there is an significant
imbalance of mass,
the attractive force
begins to pull the lesser masses closer.

Through attractions, repulsions,
collisions and interactions,
new hybrid particles develop
and their masses grow even larger.

As more and more particles gather,
the combined center mass
increases exponentially.
The furthest particles begin to accelerate
and reach very high velocities
and collide…
combining and splitting.
More new hybrids are formed
and began to mix with the stew.

In the long course of events,
the dominate succession of combinations
develops into the array
of our current known particles -
including the components of an atom
which are:
charged tiny electrons,
opposite charged and larger protons,
and neutrons.

The simplest atom,
which is hydrogen,
collects only one electron
orbiting around one proton
at an extremely
high speed.

As the core of hydrogen atoms grows
and the bombardment
and transformation continues,
a colossal ball emerges,
held together by its own gravity.

In the course of time,
hydrogen atoms
begin to collide and re-collided
with hydrogen hybrids -
eventually forming helium.

Thus begins the activation of fusion:
hydrogen's components
splitting and combining
to form helium,
giving off solar energy.
And a large material sun
lit up the void.

In the case of our reality,
the sun continues to grow,
gathering more new matter,
to a size that is unfathomable -
because the total amount of matter
in this particular sun
will be enough
to feed our entire known universe
within our Cosmic Horizon.

So much so,
that it will seem to us
that we,
and the material world,
had a definite beginning.

However, we also should remember that
a material world has existed
as long as there has been a spiritual world
and as long as there has been God.

Our Cosmic Horizon
extends as far as we can see
to the unobservable regions
of the universe.
There can be other Cosmic Horizons
in the great beyond.

It is known
that the progression of a sun
continues to create
the light elements,
giving off more energy in the process.

But in time,
this process ends
after the formation of lead,
because lead has the characteristics
that prevent it from combining
with anything else.

As more lead was produced
out of the available fuel
this sun began to form
a lead core
and lose its fuel for fusion.

And eventually,
when the components reached
the proper combination,
the sun collapsed…


Big Bang!

Much of what we are learning
in material science
began at this point.

It is widely known
that the explosion
of the matter and elements
that were thrown off our first sun
generated the heat and speed necessary
for the lighter elements
to form the heavier elements,
and to also fuel
the known universe
and all its galaxies
and its phenomenon;
all of which are surrounded
by those base particles
which is the basis
for everything material.

So in the progression of time,
clusters formed, galaxies swirled,
new suns were created
and Earth was shaped
and developed:
eventually growing plant life
and animal life.

All under the direct influx
of the Creator's Providence -
all in the sequence and order required
for the end purpose
of populating the human heaven
while preserving spiritual freewill.

Through this influx and this purpose,
one line of mammals developed
and approached the human form. 

When the time was arranged,
the mammal lineage that God prepared
for the entrance of humans
onto this Earth
suddenly began to birth
the first humans.

Even though their parents
belonged to the animal kingdom,
these first humans emerged
very different from all those before them.
They were given a freewill
and a reflective, rational mind.

They were born
out of the lineage of evolution -
being directly connected
to material creation -
but capable of understanding,
through their rational minds,
things that are not material.

They were in fact,
as we are today,
born with a spiritual body
and a temporary material body 
wrapped around it -
although they were unaware of this at first.

From this point forward,
the human family
began to populate the Earth.

They progressed
and also regressed
through several stages,
until we have the mix
that is with us today.

Even though the universe
seems to be under
an independent and chaotic evolution,
each base particle within it is energized
and made active through the actions
and perpetual influx of the Creator.

Within each rock, plant and animal,
within each air and water molecule,
in all planets and solar objects,
in all suns, nebulae and dark matter,
the force behind magnetism and gravity -
is all generated by spiritual causes
and guided by
a constant influx from Providence.

Therefore the material world is under
the direction of the Creator's foresight
in all aspects,
- and all within the order
of time, space and physics.

The whole material world is alive
and synchronized
to affect each of us,
individually and collectively,
exactly how our freewill
needs to be affected -
every second of every day -
so that we will turn out to be
the best person
that our particular freewill will allow.

Each one of us receives
the individual attention of God
every instant of our lives.
Without fail.
There is no wasted energy,
no mistakes, no accidents.
The harmony is profound.

This is one of the Divine abilities
that we can never comprehend.

The complete material universe
is the work of God
and moves not only
by the laws of physics,
but by Divine Guidance
and in accord with the spiritual world -
all for the purpose
of guiding each one of us
to a better - eternal - life.

By way of this material universe,
we each emerge
as a brand new, unique,
free, thinking
and potentially useful
human life.

[End - Part One]

Part Two - The Human Tragedy