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San Juan Pueblo Pottery



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  1. Bowl - Reycita Garcia

  2. Bowl - Rosita De Herrera

  3. Bird Effigy - Gregorita Atencia

  4. Bowl - Tomasita Montoya

  5. Bird Effigy - Leonidas Tapia

  6. Bowl - Tomasita Montoya & Domenguita Sisneros

  7. Owl Effigy - Arlene Archuletta

  8. Owl Effigy - Arlene Archuletta

San Juan Pueblo is located in north-central New Mexico. Traditionally the pottery of San Juan has been plain polished red or polished black. Also traditional is the style of applying the polished slip, in either case to only the upper two-thirds of jars, and to only a band just below the rim on the exteriors of bowls. In both cases a line of demarcation between slip and paste can be clearly seen, with a resulting pattern of color that is pleasing. The rest of the surface is well-polished bare paste: a shade of orange-tan when the slip is red, and gray when the slip has been smudged black.

Declared as the first Spanish capital city in the New Mexico Territory by Don Juan de Oņate in 1598, the Pueblo of San Juan lies 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of Santa Fe and is the largest of the Tewa speaking Pueblos. It was Popay from San Juan who led the Pueblo Revolt in 1680 that drove the Spanish back into Mexico. The pueblo of San Juan is best known for its intricately carved red pottery which can be purchased at the Oke Oweenge Crafts Cooperative along with other traditional art forms.

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