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Nambe Pueblo Pottery


  1. Bowl - Pearl Talachy

  2. Bowl - Marie Herrera

  3. Seed Bowl - Virginia Guteriez

  4. Bowl - Robert Vigil

Nambe Pueblo is located in north-central New Mexico. Until about 1830 Nambe Pueblo was a tremendous center for the manufacture of painted pottery. The style, which closely resembles Powhoge Polychrome, is called Nambe Polychrome.  Around 1830 the production of decorated wares at Nambe decreased sharply, and it is likely that none were make at that village thereafter....later Nambe vessels consist principally of black wares, with fluted -rimmed bowls like those of Santa Clara, micaceous-slip jars superficially resembling the vessels from Picuris, and plain tan vessels of relatively rough finish.

The Pueblo of Nambe was established around the 1300's and served as the primary cultural and religious center for the Pueblo people. As such, the Pueblo was nearly destroyed when the Spanish conquerors arrived in the New Mexico Territory

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